10 Amazing Ziva Episodes of NCIS

10 Amazing Ziva Episodes of NCIS

This article is made to celebrate and cherish the ten seasons of NCIS by highlighting some of the most favorite Ziva episodes. Let’s take a look at them:

1.Singled Out

Episode 3, Season 4
This one is probably the lightest on the entire list. This episode made it here because it incorporates some of the most fun moments of Ziva in the series. She dressed up as a nerd for an undercover assignment and engages in speed-dating and delights all her co-workers throughout the mission.


2.Semper Fidelis

Episode 24, Season 6
Things that have been bubbling up in the entire Season 6, reach the brim by the time the episode ends. Ziva has not been open about her relationship with Michael, which left Tony pretty confused. Due to all the turmoil in his head, Tony had to resort to desperate measure to know the truth. Sensing that things are getting out of control, Ziva makes a desperate call to Michael at home to get him removed. Unfortunately, it’s too late.


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