10 Best Episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation! continued…

3) All Good Things (Season 7)

Finales are always difficult to pull off. This was not a perfect episode and had unremarkable plot revolving around the primary threat, but the final scene of the poker game made this episode to the list. The small moment felt massive and important when Picard joined the crew’s regular poker game. The episode reminds us why we love the series and the importance, little character moments have, for us.


4) Measure of Man (Season 2)

Much of the second season was not appealing like the first season, but then this episode happened. It feels like someone went to the writer and enlightened him. Little light bulb sort of things might have appeared over the staff’s head.
This episode was quite different from everything the series had done up to that point. The plot revolved around a scientist’s desire to disassemble everyone’s favorite Pinocchio/Android, Data. Data, on the other hand had no desire to be disassembled. Then we also have Patrick Stewart, who defended Data’s rights with an impulsive and impassioned speech. It elevated the episode to a whole new level.


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