10 Best Example of Vulcans of Star Trek Being Unreasonable continued…

3.V’tosh Ka’tur

It actually means “Vulcan without logic”. You might be thinking that this should be higher on the list, but this is not about Vulcans being illogical. It’s more about Vulcans having logic, except for one that is Tolaris, who lives up to the expectation of illogical Vulcans. He acted like a rebellious teenager who liked to experiment with things he has no clue about. One such incidence was him mind melding with T’Pol. He didn’t even stop after she asked him to. In fact, he became angry and mind-raped her. Not only this, he left her with a neural disease known as Pa’nar Syndrome.


4.We Never Forget Intimate Acts

This incident happened after T’Pol contracted Pa’nar Syndrome. This emerged as the Viacom’s mandatory instruction of introducing an episode that discussed HIV/AIDS. Star Trek related it to the Pa’nar syndrome, the sufferer of which was exiled from the society due to social stigma. When T’Pol was diagnosed with the disease, the doctors attempted to recall her from her post on Enterprise. She was initially allowed to continue but was later dismissed.


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