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10 Best Examples of Vulcans of Star Trek Being Unreasonable!

10 Best Examples of Vulcans of Star Trek Being Unreasonable!

Vulcans are one of the most recognized races seen in the vast Star Trek galaxy. The audience loved their legendary pointed ears. They are known for not having any emotions, but in reality they have far more intense emotions but choose not to show them. Thanks to Spock, T’Pol, and Tuvok, Vulcans have managed to maintain a regular appearance through a majority of the television series. Here are ten other recurring and on-off characters of the series.

1.Regressing To Your Ancestors

Before we begin, it needs to be mentioned that most illogical decisions made by Vulcans were because of the circumstances being out of their control. For example, Spock’s major priority was pleasure, thanks to the native spores of Omicron Ceti III.
When Spock travels to planet Sarpeidon’s Ice Age, he reverts back to a highly emotional, pre-logical Vulcan era of 5000 years old. When his rage towards McCoy and feelings for Zarabeth makes some dramatic conflict, the writers seem to have side-stepped the fact that it makes absolutely no sense.


2.There Is No Discipline

The name of Sarek is known and admired as a legendary ambassador among Vulcans. He has served the Federation for years. The crew of the Enterprise found out that he was suffering from Bendii syndrome, a form of Vulcan dementia, when he was 202 years old. Everybody including those who were close to Sarek hid the truth from him to stop the unfortunate news from interfering with the final negotiations. After all it took them 93 years to reach that point. Even his wife, Perrin seemed to be in denial about the disease’s harsh effects. Both the Vulcans and the Legaran considered his reputation to be of great value.


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