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10 Best Moments From Orphan Black In All Time

10 Best Moments From Orphan Black In All Time

Tatiana Maslany is one talented actress and the success of Orphan Black is largely owed to her acting prowess. Orphan Black with its unique story line exploring the issue of human cloning is grabbing eyeballs of the audience like never before and has completed 3 successful seasons on BBC. The USP of the show is that each episode is not just in continuation but has some ‘event’ happening in it also, so it is not like if you miss an episode in the series, you can still figure out what happened in it by watching the next in line.. such is the pace of the show. With three seasons under the belt, here are the top ten moments from the show so far:

1) The Cutting of Olivier’s Tail

Season 1 has Sarah being captured by Olivier inside the nightclub Neolution. Olivier is a Neolutionist and so when he finds out that Sarah is pretending to be Beth, the situation further intensifies. At that time Helena enters to rescue Sarah and then chops off Olivier’s tail. To further instigate him, she dances with his tail inside his very own nightclub with other drugged Neolutionists dancing along.


2) Killing Of Dr. Aldous By Donnie

Donnie comes across as a dumb wit with a porn fixation but not actually a bad guy. The second season saw him spying on his wife Allison for Dr Aldous Leekie and facing the wrath of Rachel. While in the process of it all, he accidently shoots Leekie to death after his confrontation with him.


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