10 Best Moments from the Walking Dead Comic That Should Be On the Show continued…

8. Oh Damn! I Needed That Hand To Kill Zombies

Robert Kirkman probably hates his characters as that could be the only explanation for the amount of pain and agony he makes them to bear. One thing that is obvious about Walking Dead is that nobody is safe and anyone can be killed at any moment.
The wrath was also faced by the main character Rick, who was getting his hand chopped off. The scene was more interesting because the guy chopping of the hand, The Governor hasn’t made an entry in the show yet.


7. Daddy Needs A Kiss

The Governor definitely has some serious issues that have made him our favorite psycho. He is the barbaric leader of a zombie-proof city, he likes to watch matches between zombies and gladiators and he also keeps his zombie daughter chained to a wall in his apartment. Something is definitely wrong with him. But when I think about it, I feel it is understandable that a father cannot put a bullet in his daughter’s head. All that he does is comprehensible. But kissing his own daughter, who is also a zombie?


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