10 Best Movie Scenes That Didn’t Make the Final Cut Of The Movies But Were Released In Later Editions!

10 Best Movie Scenes That Didn’t Make the Final Cut Of The Movies But Were Released In Later Editions!

There is no doubt that film-making is hard work with editing being one of the toughest processes. After devoting all their energy over months of footages, the director must look for a way to create a story that thrills and entertains the audience. Piecing together of the final product is a challenging task. It also means that many a times there are a few scenes that don’t get to see the light of the day. Here is a list of the top 10 scenes that should not have been deleted from the final cut.


Made by the legendary director Steven Spielberg, Jaws is one of the films that brought a paradigm shift in the Hollywood landscape. The iconic performance by Robert Shaw as the shark hunter Quint is exemplary and noteworthy. He is enigmatic and eccentric. But he is also short-tempered, a trait that was implied in an enjoyable deleted scene.
While on his way to buy piano wire from a local music store, Quint decides to have relived his childhood days of playing ‘Ode to Joy’ on a clarinet. Quint humming has a wide variation of emotion, from a hint of happiness to an angry outburst. The scene didn’t play an essential role, but it was still a wacky moment for the character we loved so much.


Star Wars

The entire first half of George Lucas’ Star Wars showed Luke Skywalker longing to leave his native planet of Tattooine and join his pal Biggs at the Academy. Fortunately, the two long lost friends are reunited as Rebel Alliance allies. They fly out together to bring down the Death Star in the Battle of Yavin. Sadly Biggs is shot down and killed during the battle. Luke’s intense sadness over his friend’s death does not leave that impact on the audience that it should have had.


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