10 Characters Of Star Trek That Bored Us To Death! continued…

8) Ambassadors On Nimbus 3

They appeared on the directorial debut of William Shatner, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, and although the audiences beat it black and blue, it was not all that bad.On Nimbus 3, the planet of ‘galactic peace’, we see three ambassadors of the Alpha Quadrant’s three biggies, namely Sir John Talbot (David Warner) representing the Federation, General Korrd (Charles Cooper) representing the Klingons and Caithlin Dar (Cynthia Gouw) representing the Romulans. They become hostages of Sybok, who plans to hijack a ship and use them for bargaining. Their roles were very small and inconsequential in the bigger scheme of things. David Warner was brilliant in the role, and the only saving grace, Cooper acted more like a drunkard and less like a Klingon. Gouw had absolutely no idea as who or what Romulans are, and her acting was totally lackluster. It is believed that they were to play a greater role, but their roles were cut short because of budgetary constraints. To the extent, that the roles became so mundane! Most Entertaining Moment(s): All involving David Warner

7) Bareil Antos

Kira Nerys was a ‘colorful’ woman. This feisty Bajoran on DS9 got involved with a lot of men, but most of them were losers except for Chief Security Officer Odo. But, then we thought that Odo was too good for her. Her relationship with Bareil was so boring that you would just want the scenes to end as soon as possible.Bareil Antos was supposed to be the visionary of the Bajor society that had just tasted freedom from the Cardassians. The general conflict of power, the good vs. the bad, disturbed their freedom too. Kira was on the good side while Bareil was an in-between character tending towards being good. But, it was Philip Anglim, the actor, who just could not do justice to the role. Even the scene where he gets killed was boring and stirred up no emotions whatsoever.Most Entertaining Moment: Philip Anglim trying to act dead.

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