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10 Characters Of Star Trek That Bored Us To Death!

10 Characters Of Star Trek That Bored Us To Death!

Star Trek is such a huge franchise that you one is bound to get all types of characters in it. While some are heroic, and we love them, some are witty and humorous; some are also extremely boring and mundane. Whenever you sit to watch a show or a movie, you only hope that these characters do not have a lot of screen space, as watching them is as good as taking a sleeping pill. Here, we look at ten such most boring characters of the Star Trek universe, and the reasons that have made them so:

10) Chakotay

The story of Chakotay started at the time when he was promoted to second in command aboard USS Voyager. He was a native-American and given the charge of a Marquis cell. These were ex-Federation citizens who were not too happy about the fact that their planet was given to the Cardassians as a part of the peace treaty. The idea was based on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but soon the idea was dropped as the second season started. Everyone reconciled, and that left Chakotay with basically nothing to do. His character was then seen flirting with Captain Janeway, going for ‘Spirit Walks’, and watching him became so boring. His romance with Janeway also failed to generate any interest in the character, and so he was made to lock lips with Seven Of Nine, the Borg bombshell. The actor Robert Beltran expressed his concern about his character being reduced to nothing but a lover boy. All through this phase, he was very vocal about his dissent, although nothing came of it.Most Entertaining Moment: The time when he finds out that his Marquis girlfriend Seska is actually a surgically altered Cardassian spy. She escapes from the Voyager to the Kazon but also steals Chakotay’s DNA and impregnates herself with it.


9) Kasidy Yates

Sisko was too engrossed and involved in the entire web of events at Bajor that he hardly had any scope for love. At this time, Jake introduced him to Kasidy Yates (Penny Johnson Jerald), and love blossomed between the two. Later, Sisko finds out that Yates is actually a Marquis sympathizer and smuggling goods to them. He promptly gets her arrested but after she serves her jail term, they marry. The entire character appeared as if she was only created to give the ‘romance’ storyline to Sisko, and the fact that she was hanging around him like an arm candy was so annoying.
Most Entertaining Moment(s): When she looks at Sisko and smiles.


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