10 DC Superheroes – How They Should Really Look In Live-Action Adaptations ?

10 DC Superheroes – How They Should Really Look In Live-Action Adaptations ?

A majority of the versions of Superman and Batman have looked very close to their original forms illustrated in DC Comics. However, not all superheroes are made similarly. Some of the most famous superheroes have gotten significant makeovers when they hopped off the printed page. Here’s a look at some of the DC superheroes and the major differences…

1. Hawkman

For the debut of Hawkman’s Arrow, the CW’s costuming group hauled out all the design stops. Instead of the standard yellow chest straps, Carter Hall’s (Falk Hentschel) adaptation of the character sports golden brown, full-bodice leather armor gear, and his grass green pants were exchanged for a huntery shade. Furthermore, his mask was simplified and made shorter and his red circular chest-plate was transformed into an Egyptian-style brooch.


2. Superman

There are major issues someone may have about Zack Snyder’s adaptation of Superman in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, let’s focus on his costume; the Kal-El costume is much darker. While the Superman of old wore cobalt blue body tights with brilliant red symbol trimming and cape, the new suit is closer to the denim family. The surface of its texture seems much rougher than the leotards of the past. Cavill’s costume additionally dumps the thick belt and outer britches highlighted in the drawings, and his Clark Kent disguise glasses are more modish than ever.

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