10 DC Superheroes And How They Should Really Look

10 DC Superheroes And How They Should Really Look

3. Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter’s version of Wonder Woman from the ’70s TV show set up a literal interpretation of the famous DC character. However, when Gal Gadot presented Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, she did it in a totally different manner. Rather than the red, yellow, and a blue color plan, she wears metallic body armor.


4. Aquaman

While different superheroes have a long history of adaptations on screen, Aquaman has been sadly ignored. That implies makers of the forthcoming Aquaman were allowed to totally redesign his conventional look. Rather than the exemplary gold suit with scales and pastel jeans that Aquaman wears in the comics, performing artist Jason Momoa is seen in a smooth, silver suit that highlights his muscle.

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