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10 Facts You Must Know about Ruby Rose in Orange Is The New Black

10 Facts You Must Know about Ruby Rose in Orange Is The New Black

Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black came out in June this year. The object of attraction in the new installment of the show is Ruby Rose, who plays the role of sarcastic and sassy Stella Carlin. Ruby is the bad girl-turned-philanthropist. She defies typical stereotypes. She is a rock-chick. She is all set to be the new drama queen of television.

Ruby is a former MTV VJ, who has fought her demons for 29 years. She is not just known for statement haircut and tough girl reputation, but she is also famous for her passionate work towards raising awareness about issues such as depression and bullying.
Let’s look at some facts that make her the best thing in Orange Is The New Black.


1) Wednesday Adams Made Out With Her

It was not really Wednesday Adams making out; it was actually Christina Ricci, who had embarked upon some quirky roles after shedding The Adams Family legacy.

On the set of Around The Block by Valarie Harrington, Ricci played the role of Dino. She meets Rose at the bar. They lose count of how many tequila they might have had which ultimately leads them to the bed together.

The intense scene is pretty convincing, and both of them have done a great job. It became instantly viral.

2) She Thought That The Maybelline’s Contract Was An April Fool’s Joke

Rose never thought that she could be a model for a mainstream high-class brand. That’s the reason that when she got a call from Maybelline saying that they want her to be their new face, she thought someone was playing an elaborate prank.

But as it turns out, the New York City based make-up company was looking for someone exactly like Rose. They wanted someone who was edgy and had the hint of diva enough to be endearing.

After the first commercial had come out, she was made the brand ambassador of the brand. Then she became VJ cum designer cum model cum actress. Yeah, that’s right. She can do whatever she wants.


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