10 hottest badasses of SAMCRO form Sons of Anarchy

10 hottest badasses of SAMCRO form Sons of Anarchy

We are not ashamed of our attraction to the bad people, and no doubt the SAMCRO crew is the apt example for “bad people.” But like it is said that the heart wants what it wants, we just got to go with the bad boys or girls.
Wondering what I mean by “bad people”? Well, they are the kind of dates, you are afraid to bring in front of your parents. The kinds who can even make Mickey and Mallory from Natural Born Killers look conservatively tame and docile. They are the rebels, the unmarriageable but absolutely beddable. Here is a list of irresistible badasses from the Sons of Anarchy:

1) Gemme Teller-Morrow played by Katey Sagal (Seasons 1-6)

Sons of Anarchy looks to be somewhat inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet. But the character Gemma portrayed by Sagal could give her namesake Queen Gertrude, a run for her money. Sagal’s performance has kept the Gemma in full throttle in all the seasons. Gemma is a complete powerhouse. She is a total badass and confidently wears skinny jeans and stilettos. She is not at all afraid to get into fights with her husband. We have seen her getting completely wasted at a local bar, then taking Jimmy Smits and two hookers home for some fun. Don’t try to piss her off because she carries a Glock in her purse and knows how to use it.


2) Jax Teller played by Charlie Hunnam

Oh bloody hell! Charlie Hunnam is the sexiest man in the history of television shows. He is hard-bitten but ridiculously hot leader of the biker gang. He is the ultimate bad boy and there is no one like him. He keeps up to the name of his mother, Gemma. He might be sweet and let you wear his jacket while making out, but might also inject you with a huge dose of heroine afterwards. Then he will explain his actions by saying that he screwed so many girls in order to get over her ex (Season 1).


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