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10 Most Awesome Modern Companions In Doctor Who!

10 Most Awesome Modern Companions In Doctor Who!

Everybody adores our time traveling Timelord. However, who doesn’t love the companions who he travels with? For this rundown we have chosen the companions from the modern show. Here goes…..

10. Rose Tyler

She is the first companion. I know many individuals like Rose, and she is alright. However, some of the things she does make her look bad. She left Mickey, supposing he was dead, in the primary episode. She made her mom feel like she wasn’t required, and made her stressed for her daughter’s life. It appeared that she had no genuine reason to follow the Doctor. Something else I appreciate in the second series was that it appeared to concentrate on her more than The Doctor. After all, it’s Doctor Who not Rose Tyler with the Doctor. However, she isn’t all that awful. Out of the considerable number of companions she is the one that killed and battled the most Daleks. Additionally, she slaughtered the Dalek Emperor. Now that is great.


9. Amy Pond

The Girl Who Waited begins. I adored seeing her as a kid meeting the recently regenerated [Doctor Who](series:200668). Seeing her pack everything, and sit tight for the Doctor, was adorable and dismal. She is fascinating, has a wonderful daughter, and a loyal spouse but I didn’t care for her that much. She is alright. Once in a while what she does makes her look selfish and like a brat. I comprehend that is somewhat the general purpose of her character, as in the Eleventh Hour scene Prisoner ZERO said she never grew up, and you can see that. In some cases what she is irritating. She went out with the Doctor before her wedding night, and attempted to shag him directly after that. She consistently insults Rory, however gets all upset when she sees him upset. Nevertheless, she insults him once more. However, I enjoyed scenes of her crying after Rory “died”. Now that was delightful acting.


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