10 Most Awkward Love-making Scenes In The Game Of Thrones.

10 Most Awkward Love-making Scenes In The Game Of Thrones.

Much as you would anticipate from the show that invented the word sex position, Game of Thrones isn’t timid about its characters shedding their clothes. Indeed, even newcomers and non-book readers knew from scene one that they were seeing something grown-up series when MVP Tyrion is presented in a whorehouse, and soon winds up under a heap of naked ladies. Some of these scenes are very awkward. Whether it’s because of the repercussions of the two characters doing it or how severe/horrendous the scene ends up being, a large number of Thrones simulated intercourses will leave you squirming in your seat, wishing you could fast forward them. Here are ten such love-making scenes…

10. Drogo and Daenerys

You may be perplexed by this pick, yet stay with me. While these two in the end turned into the cutest couple in Essos, in the past they didn’t truly know each other, and Drogo raped her in the most uncomfortable scene the show has yet seen. Daenerys is like her brother. Viserys gets a crowd of semi Mongols to help him reclaim his legitimate throne consequently for his sister’s hand.

However before we even go to the scene, the senior Targaryen makes it clear exactly how horrendous his sister’s circumstance is with this line: “We go home with an army. With Khal Drogo’s army. I would let this whole tribe f***k you, all forty thousand men and horses too, if that’s what it took.”

Daenerys feminist journey starts with transforming her hubby into to a less of a rapist.  This shows how bleak this scene was, but it gets overlooked.


9. Robb and Talisa

Well, initially, it seems that it’s not by any means an exceptionally awkward intercourse. However, if we watch Robb’s amorous victories back in the repercussions of the Red Wedding, you see why this is so awkward. Robb got married Talisa not long after this for love’s sake. See, no one weds for love on Game of Thrones. However, now the entire adventure gives a kind of terrible vibe to book-readers and show watchers. The most worst thing about it? Roslin Frey, the lady Robb spurned for the love of his life, was quite beautiful, and appeared a really decent individual as well.


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