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10 Most Destructive Vessels from Star Trek Universe!

10 Most Destructive Vessels from Star Trek Universe!

Star Trek Universe wouldn’t be half as cool if it weren’t for the gorgeous starships that zip around in the universe. Not just the fleets and others by the Enterprise but also those dark, larger, more dangerous enemy ships that come out and go back to oblivion. So we here decided to list down the most dangerous vessels in the star trek universe. While firepower is obviously the major consideration when examining the “devastating” capabilities of starships, “context” also matters — you’ll see what I mean. The other note is that this list is of space vessels, and not just starships — if it travels through space, it counts for the purposes of this list. With those two caveats, enjoy.

10) Xindi Probe Weapon, Enterprise (“The Expanse”)

This Xindi Superweapon was the solution for Xindi, a collection of alien species, who determined that Earth was evil and would destroy them in the future. Though we all know, it was clearly a massive misunderstanding caused by interference from the Temporal Cold War.
It might not have been a balm to eyes, but it sure was a power horse!
It’s highly powerful particle beam weapon was specifically designed to destroy planets, which it demonstrated pretty well while tagging Florida graffiti-style, just with particle beams. The result was a scar going down the eastern seaboard, making a new deep ocean trench, and finally making a stop in Venezuela before self-destructing. At the end of the day almost spelling doom, 7 million people were deep fat fried, including Chief Engineer Trip Tucker’s sister. Thankfully, Starfleet was able to work it all out with the Xindi, as this was merely the prototype weapon — a version in an alternate universe was much larger and was able to barbeque the Earth in seconds, Death Star-style. Now imagine that, or NOT!

9) U.S.S. Defiant NCC-1764, Enterprise (“In a Mirror, Darkly”)

The USS Defiant was lost, pulled through a hole in the space-time continuum to the unknown, at the end of the episode “The Tolian Web. The Enterprise believed that the ship was lost but apparently, the other side of the rabbit hole ended up being the mirror “Goateed Spock” universe, where humans are pretty much assholes. Captured by the Tholians and set to be salvaged, somehow word gets to Enterprise first officer Commander Jonathan Archer, who is ordered by Admiral Black to investigate. Archer is able to retrieve the ship built over one hundred years in the future and uses that future technology to wreak havoc, single-handedly destroying a strike force consisting of five separate starships. Archer’s plans are put to an end due to the intervention of the new Empress Hoshi Sato, who at the end of the episode seems to hold Earth hostage with the intent of taking full control of the Empire. While it is not known what happens next (at least not in Star Trek canon), with weaponry one hundred years from the future at her grasp, it looks like Empress Sato has a pretty solid say in the future of humanity.

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  1. John

    September 28, 2015 at 12:25 pm

    The article is accurate from what I can read. Items 10 & 9. Why not use a picture of the original Constitution Class and a picture of the Defiant.

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