10 Most Eccentric Spaceships In Sci-Fi Cinema.

10 Most Eccentric Spaceships In Sci-Fi Cinema.

Heroes in comic books and sci-fi movies have been using high-tech spaceships and light freighters, suitably modified for travelling across galaxies and universes. The special disc-shaped crafts have been reserved for the aliens to attack and conquer various galaxies.

 Be it the miniseries of 1930s or the ultra-modern sci-fi blockbusters of today, these spaceships have managed to capture the interest and imagination of the viewers.

 We all have our preferences and favorites when choosing among the numerous spaceships which have been presented to us over the decades by the silver screen. Some may prefer Han Solo’s hunk which was the fastest junk in space while others may like the more graceful USS Enterprise. The choices of people may vary, but this list is not about the top favorite spaceships of all times. In fact, this list is about the more crude, ramshackle, scary and anachronistic spaceships.

 You may hate them, get scared by them or find them really cool, but you just cannot ignore these designer spaceships which clearly depict the urge of the makers to present to you something absolutely different from what you have ever seen before. Use the navigator button below check all o the best Star Ships! Live long and prosper!


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  1. TVG

    July 16, 2015 at 6:09 am

    Shadow and Vorlon ships from Babylon 5?

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