10 Noteworthy Captains Of The Star Trek Universe Minus Kirk And Picard! continued…

8) John Harriman – USS Enterprise-B – “Star Trek Generations.”

John Harriman was the total fanboy and ate, slept and breathed Star Trek. His biography in the Star Trek: Starship Creator video game mentions that he marries Sloane, lives in Chicago and has a son named Ferris. His childhood dream was to be like Captain Kirk, and he was the lucky one actually to live his dream when he gets the command of a brand new Enterprise-B. Furthermore, Kirk, Scotty, and Chekov come aboard his ship as guests of honor in its initial cruise. But, if the name of the ship is Enterprise, adventures are bound to happen. And so it happens with this one too. Enterprise-B responds to a distress call from a transport vessel apparently trapped in a gravimetric distortion. Relatively ill-equipped, Enterprise-B did not have the tractor beam or even the full crew. That is when both the Captains (Kirk and Harriman) come together and plan a rescue by edging close to the vessel for beaming. In the course of the events, the Enterprise too gets stuck in the gravity distortion, and a last minute saving exercise involves blast from an unconfigured deflector dish that could push them out of there. Harriman volunteers to do the needful by going down the hull, but Kirk takes it on himself and does the job. In the process, Kirk gets sucked into oblivion due to a hole in the deflector hull caused by gravitational force.

7) Clark Terrell – USS Reliant – “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.”

All Trekkers must be aware of the Prime Directive, which forbids ships from interfering with the primitive cultures and alien civilizations of the galaxy, and to allow them to bloom naturally. In spite of this, the Federations starts working on an idea where a photon torpedo gets shot into the lifeless world, and its particles would rearrange to begin an evolutionary process and come out with sustainable life. This idea was to be led by Captain Terrell along with Mr. Chekov. This project was called Project Genesis and required them to find the perfect Bikini Atoll. For this, they beam on Ceti Alpha VI and shortly realize that it was Ceti Alpha V. This also happens to be the home of Khan Noonien Singh, and obviously Terrell and Chekov are captured. They are then subjected to Ceti eel ear canal torture that leads to Captain Terrell disclosing all about Genesis. By this time, Captain Kirk gets aware of Khan’s evil intentions and all three, Terrell, Chekov, and Kirk, form a team to find the hidden Genesis torpedo. Everything was happening as per the plan till Terrell turns on him and vaporizes a scientist. Kirk is ordered to be killed next by Khan, but Terrell vaporizes himself and saves the life of Kirk.

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