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10 Noteworthy Captains Of The Star Trek Universe Minus Kirk And Picard!

10 Noteworthy Captains Of The Star Trek Universe Minus Kirk And Picard!

Think Starfleet captains and the first name that pops up in your mind is Kirk (obviously). Think some more, and the next name that you come up with is most probably Picard. These two are great Captains in their own regard, and many Trekkers can argue for months together on who is greater between these two. What most of us forget is that apart from these two also, there have been many noteworthy Captains in the Star Trek universe. Some have been aggressive while some have been intelligent in their moves. Some have followed the Prime Directive to its hilt while some others have been adventurous. Here is a dekko at top 10 Captains who appeared in Star Trek apart from the two obvious greats:

10) Morgan Bateson – USS Bozeman – “TNG: Cause and Effect.”

Aboard USS Bozeman, Bateson starts to explore Typhon Expanse and somehow takes it into a temporal causality loop that causes it to plummet 90 years into the future and, into the Enterprise. This event leads to a catastrophic destruction of both the ships and leads to a massive tear in spacetime causing the collision to wash, rinse and repeat for 17 days. During this time, the team of the Enterprise, especially Data could sense some positronic coding in his brain which enables them to send some clues to their future beings for breaking the loop. It subsequently happens on the 17th time, and Bateson is saved in time. Bateson still carried the impression that he started the mission three weeks back, but Picard makes him beam over to understand what really happened. Not the one to be kept down easily Bateson still sits on the chair of the Bozeman in Star Trek Generations, many years later, thereby making him the longest serving starship captain ever. His resemblance with actor Kelsey Grammer added to his whole charm!


9) BenjaminMaxwell – USS Rutledge and USS Phoenix – “TNG: The Wounded.”

In 2350, the Federation and Cardassians were fighting over a border issue. The story of Captain Maxwell is that his family was living blissfully on the Federation colony of Setlik III until the Cardassians came and damaged it. For saving lives, many were beamed on the USS Rutledge, thanks to Miles O’Brien. Maxwell took command even at a time when O’Brien was fixing a broken transporter to bring Maxwell’s family to safety in vain. They all die, and Maxwell buried the pain and revenge within himself to seize the right opportunity whenever it arrives. In 2367, now the Captain of USS Phoenix, Maxwell dusted off the Bush Doctrine and reached the Cardassian space. There, he did mass scale destruction and destroyed a Cardassian warship and supply vessel claiming lives of almost 600 passengers. The Enterprise eventually stopped him, and we see him repenting for his action later on and surrendering the command of the Phoenix to Miles O’Brien.


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