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10 Points to Prove How Book Plays an Important Role in the Show Orange Is The New Black

10 Points to Prove How Book Plays an Important Role in the Show Orange Is The New Black

The 2010 memoir of Piper Kerman known as ‘Orange Is The New Black: My Time In A Women’s Prison’ is a perfect solution to fill the cavernous hole left in the chest after the show went off air. Here is character wise explanation as to why the memoir of Kerman is an important part of the show watching experience and how it might lay down the building blocks for Season 4.

1.Piper and Larry

The character of Piper Chapman is based on Piper Kerman. Piper of the real world served 13 months (of 15 months sentence) in FCI Danbury, convicted of being a co-conspirator in a drug ring. If you find Piper Chapman a bit annoying, then you are not alone. The changes made to the character Piper on the show are the reason for her annoying nature.
Kerman is a hired out editor and producer, while her husband, Larry Smith is an accomplished editor and writer. It was surprising for Bloom to hear about Chapman dating other women. Smith already knew Kerman when it was revealed that she is a lesbian. Both the characters are considered less sympathetic and more offensive.


2.Red and Morello

In the book, Pop is depicted as a middle-aged Russian woman, who is the kitchen head and acts and dresses in a much different and distinct manner than other inmates. The core of the character is retained on-screen, but there are certain things blown out of proportion for drama like her almost maternal relationship with Piper.

Minetta, a driver, is the first prisoner that Piper talks to. She disappears from the pages in no time and then enters an eBay trickster, Rosemarie, who looks like a mash up of Morello.

Both the characters have a real solid background.


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