10 Reasons Why Doctor Who Is Better Than Star Wars.

8. Doctor Who Generally Avoids Pointlessly Cute Characters

Another reason why Doctor Who can claim to be “better” than Star Wars is the relative shortage of pointlessly charming characters. With NuWho particularly, makers have effectively maintained a strategic distance from the pointless inclusion of charm for cuteness. The only exception is K-9. In Star Wars, however, there are many examples. Like we have Ewoks, Jar Binks and BB-8. There’s nothing wrong with attempting to woo kids. However, kids can as a rule smell out these endeavors to win them over with form rather than substance.


7. Doctor Who Has Better Aliens

In Star Wars, aliens are fundamentally on-screen characters with heads and hands made up to seem exotic. Illustrations incorporate Admiral Ackbar, all the folks in Jabba’s royal residence, Jawas, sand people, etc. On the other hand, the aliens are humanoids done in CGI or are puppets. Still, these aliens are humanoid: just a small number are non-humanoid (Jabba himself, for one). Doctor Who has a lot of humanoid aliens like Draconians, Ogrons, Judoon, and many more. However, it also has a lot of non-humanoid ones. From the Daleks themselves to the Macra, Rill, Great Intelligence, Nestenes, Axos, giand spiders, Rutans, Ogri, Tythonians, Mara, Vespiforms, Vashta Nerada, Atraxi and many more. Indeed, even the Myrka in Warriors of the Deep wasn’t humanoid. To sum it up, Doctor Who’s aliens are way better than Star Wars.


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