10 Reasons Why Doctor Who Is Better Than Star Wars.

6. Doctor Who Is More Mature Than Star Wars

Doctor Who is really much more developed in its viewpoint than numerous “grown-up” programs and movies, including Star Wars. Doctor Who is grown-up enough to grasp preposterousness. Its makers know real life is ridiculous and it’s OK not to be po-confronted constantly. On the flip side of the scale, Star Wars considers itself important. It’s occupied with epic-scale narrating and aside from unfunny tricks with a flying R2-D2, there’s no space to toss anything silly in with the general mish-mash.


5. Doctor Who Has An Uplifting Central Message

Both Doctor Who and Star Wars can be said to have a focal message or idea yet Doctor Who’s is substantially more elevating. For Doctor Who, numerous stories convey the message that you can make a difference.  One standard individual can improve the world. It’s a message of hope. In Star Wars, in the interim, Joseph Campbell’s monomyth (or the Hero’s Journey) is the focal arrogance, with Luke’s voyage and Anakin’s fall being the pillars on which every trilogy rests.


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