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10 Reasons Why Doctor Who Is Better Than Star Wars.

10 Reasons Why Doctor Who Is Better Than Star Wars.

When the first ever Star Wars film was released in 1977, the Doctor Who production group were tossed for the notorious loop. Initially, it was Star Wars that had the upper hand. However, four decades after Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope has released, Doctor Who seems to be upping the game and here’s how…

10. Doctor Who Is More Imaginative

Both Star Wars and Doctor Who exchange on an overabundance of creative energy. However, the way in which these situations, creatures, and social orders are exhibited and utilized as a part of stories unmistakably contrasts between the two franchises.

A harsher critic may say Star Wars is simply SFX exhibition barely covering an internal void. On the other hand, Doctor Who utilizes more creative ability to recount its stories since it practically has no choice. In short, Doctor Who stories harp on being human, while Star Wars movies have a tendency to harp on shooting things with blasters.


9. Doctor Who’s Producers Didn’t Scrap All The Stories Written During Its Years Off Air

The basic difference between Star Wars and Doctor Who is that while the former had its stories scrapped off, the latter didn’t do away with them all. From multiple points of view, the developments and thoughts produced in the Doctor Who books have really educated and, in a couple cases, specifically inspired occasions and themes in NuWho. Rather than discarding its wild years legend, Doctor Who has separated the best of the rest and utilized the material to achieve new statures.


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