10 Remarkable Facts About Olivia Wilde

8. Jason Sudeikis Is Her Fiancé

After her split with ex-hubby and Prince Tao Ruspoli, Wilde met the new love of her life. This is regardless of the fact that she dated quite a few of Hollywood’s most eligible single guys. She had been seen together with some of the sexiest young actors like Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds. In that same year as her separation, Wilde started dating Horrible Bosses star Jason Sudeikis. The couple declared their engagement in 2013. This was before Olivia gave birth to their son Otis in 2014. The family is happily living in New York at current.


7. Owns A Rescue Dog

Olivia’s rescue dog by the name of Paco was an Old Navy spokes dog in 2006. She shared that Paco still acts like a doggie model every once in a while. Wilde gave an example that if she would attempt to put a T-shirt on him, he would freeze, just as he was ‘back at work’. “He’ll strike a pose and just sit there,” she stated. She is extremely committed to her four-legged friend.

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