10 Things For Justin Lin To Keep In Mind To Maintain The Old School Spirit Of The Star Trek continued

3.More Story, Less Brains!


What takes down a reboot film is a lack of plot and more of action. Directors have a habit of converting an action class movie to super action class, which is good in a way, but they need to understand there has to be a story to bind the audience. The action has to be relevant and budded around the story and not the other way round. The 50th anniversary must witness a cerebral kind of sci-fi movie rather than another mismanaged action movie.


4.Klingons Appearance!

Enemies never looked so scary in any Star Trek movie as Into Darkness. The introduction of Klingons was remarkable though their role was short and too suppressive. Their make-up and prosthetics killed more people even off-screen (pun intended!). The third part needs to have more of such enemies and may be more of Klingons to fit the plot.



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