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10 Times We Totally Loved Leonard Nimoy On Screen!

10 Times We Totally Loved Leonard Nimoy On Screen!

Best known for his role as Spock, Leonard Nimoy is largely responsible for inspiring many to don pointy ears and flash the characteristic hand gesture. The moment you say ‘Spock,’ Leonard’s picture flashes inside your head, and that is what his charisma is all about. A legend in his own right, he has much more aspects to him then what we know. He was a great actor, poet, theater artist and has to his credit many fascinating roles where he exhibited his varied acting skills. Here is a look at ten such onscreen appearances of Nimoy, which are as memorable as Spock, if not more (purely based on quality of his work):

1) Hansen, The Twilight Zone (1961)

Still early days for him as an actor, he was seen in small roles at that time in movies like Bonanza, General Hospital and The Twilight Zone (Rod Sterling’s sci-fi fantasy series). In this particular episode, he plays the role of a soldier who does not speak much but stares silently, opening his mouth only to warn about impending supernatural occurrences.


2) Vladeck, The Man From U.N.C.L.E (1964)

Coincidentally, this episode from the above mentioned 1964 spy series titled ‘The Project Strigas Affair’ saw William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy coming together on-screen. Shatner played the role of Michael Donfield, a pest control owner, who was entrusted with the task of nabbing Communist spies like Vladeck portrayed by Nimoy.


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