11 Most Funny Scenes Of The Show Sons Of Anarchy

11 Most Funny Scenes Of The Show Sons Of Anarchy

There is a lot of bloodshed and grief on the show Sons of Anarchy. But, there was a time when the show had a funny and fun tone to it. The badass SAMCRO members had a good time with each other and that was one of the biggest attractions for the audience in the early days of the show. No one’s saying that the show was better then, than it is now, but we surely can say that the show is definitely different from what it started out to be. If you too are missing the good old days of Sons of Anarchy, then simply scroll down as we present to you 11 of the funniest moments from the show.


The very pilot episode shows Bobby dressed as Elvis ready for a show, but SAMCRO’s promoter also ends up booking an Asian Elvis for the part. Bobby beats the shot out of this Asian guy, while the Asian boy takes all this beating in his Elvis character only.



Before becoming the SAMCRO rat, Juice was a comic relief for the show and was seen doing idiotic things all over the place. In one scene, Sheriff Hale catches him sleeping in a public place with a board saying ‘Slightly retarded child, please adopt me’. When Sheriff asks him to leave immediately, he says that he did not know what to do as he had missed his 8 o’clock feeding.


Before the rape of Gemma and Tig’s near death experience with Pope, both of them had a nice, funny and flirtatious relationship, which even ended up with just a one time making love as well.


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