12 Cleaned Up Cast Members Of Sons Of Anarchy

12 Cleaned Up Cast Members Of Sons Of Anarchy

When the show Sons of Anarchy started in 2008, it only had two big names present in its cast list: one was Katey Sagal, who anchored the show and the second was Charlie Hunnam. The rest were all small time actors or newcomers. Thus, knowing what these actors playing different roles with hard looks looked like in real life. Most of the actors, who are now famous for their association with the SAMCRO, were earlier serious stage and classical actors. Below are 12 members of this show with their clean past. Therefore, if you want to see your favorite characters cleaned up after the show, then scroll down.


Kurt Sutter

He plays the part of Otto and is the show runner of this series. He has managed to earn the reputation of a foul mouth and bad tempered person, but the truth is that he has done a lot of research with a group of outlaws for the show. He became popular in 2002 with his role in The Shield and before that he was basically doing shows on and on and off basis on Broadway and has taught acting at the Gately-Poole Acting Studio. However, even in real life, he does not come across as very clean.

Katey Sagal

She has grown up in this industry. Her parents were writers and producers for TV. Katey started her career as a back-up singer for celebrities like KISS, Olivia Newton John and Bob Dylan.


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