12 Expected Marvel Movies In Phase 4

12 Expected Marvel Movies In Phase 4

As far as Phase 4 in Marvel Movies is concerned, we can expect a Guardians Of The Galaxy 3, a Doctor Strange spin-off and there’s a high probability that we’ll see more Ant-Man, Black Panther and a little more of Captain Marvel. Be that as it may, what about the wildcard entries? What of the new or more intrepid ventures that Marvel could handle and that would make Phase 4 different? Well, here are 12 such movies…

12. The New/Ultimate Avengers

With the primary Avengers group exiting in all probability, or perhaps being slaughtered off, at the peak of Phase 3, Marvel will require an alternate team that doesn’t just re-do what we’ve observed recently. In case that was the motivation, we wouldn’t see contrast so deliberately set up and Marvel would keep on doing what they’re doing until it snaps.
The most intrepid way to deal with that issue is present an altogether new Avengers line-up that doesn’t just bring the majority of the single motion picture characters together for a group. There’s no need to bring Black Panther and Doctor Strange in as Avengers when Marvel could just run with one of the Avengers less customary line-ups in the comics.
The faster they move far from the Avengers being the heart of everything, the sooner they won’t be tied down by the requirement for continually expanding dangers. As it is, this has a heart-breaking skill for demolishing the narration.


11. The Fantastic Four

The issue of the Fantastic Four is probably the greatest glaring issue for Marvel at present. After their white knight follow up on Spider-Man, the possibility of Kevin Feige taking up the task to safeguard Marvel’s first family must be captivating for fans. After all, somebody SURELY needs to make a Fantastic Four film that works! The prizes of effectively modifying the team would be enormous. A fruitful Fantastic Four would mean the chance to back away far from the Avengers and loads of extra characters. For example, Fantastic Four means you can get Galactus as one of the only villains greater than Thanos. Furthermore, you can go further into the Quantum Realm and multiverse thoughts that are already being played with in Phase 3.

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