12 Expected Marvel Movies In Phase 4

10. An Other Realms Doctor Strange Movie

Marvel could avoid any risk and keep on having Strange combating Earth-bound baddies. They could endeavour to open doors to different domains and different dangers. However, the genuine courage would be in taking the whole film past the outskirts of “ordinary reality”. The Doctor’s powers clearly take into account superhero films that aren’t grounded in our reality and that could well be the kind of thing that Feige is searching for.


9. The Illuminati

In actuality, Phase 4 still needs to deal with the Infinity Stones as much as Phase 3 does. Regardless of the possibility that Thanos gets the chance to snap his fingers and erase a crucial bit of life amid the arc-ending movies, he will surely be crushed before the end of the phase.
There are two or three choices here: Marvel could decide to have the Stones go to the Collector. However, he hasn’t precisely proved himself dependable up until this point. Secondly, they could have them put under the care of a board of delegated superpowers like the Infinity Watch or maybe even The Illuminati.
The body of secret heroes; Tony Stark, Namor, Mr Fantastic, Black Panther, Black Bolt and Doctor Strange were behind banishing Hulk in the run up to Planet Hulk. In addition to this, they would give a totally different direction to what we’ve seen up until now.

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