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12 Possibilities Of The Next Doctor After Peter Capaldi.

12 Possibilities Of The Next Doctor After Peter Capaldi.

It’s confirmed that Season 10 of Doctor Who will be Steven Moffat’s last. Gossipy titbits are now twirling that star Peter Capaldi will follow the same pattern and exit the show. Capaldi has been astounding and three seasons appear like a decent run for any on-screen character assuming the main role. While the fate of the show looks brilliant in the hands of Broad church maker Chibnall, clearly, the main issue Whovians are asking is: Who will Chibnall employ on to play the thirteenth Doctor? Here are a few possibilities….

The Frontrunners First….

1. Richard Ayoade

Ayoade has not hidden the fact that he would want to perform in the TARDIS. Furthermore, if the show selects to do a reversal to a more youthful, male Doctor post-Capaldi, we can’t think of anyone better than the previous star of The IT Crowd. Additionally, he’s in that prime zone of fame. Like Capaldi, he’s a known name with a fan base; however not in that uber star region where playing the part would be a step-down.


2. Hayley Atwell

Moffat himself announced that the next Doctor could and ought to be a lady. Furthermore, it’s a known fact that the Hayley Atwell wants the role, and there are many Whovians who want her in the part. She ought to be on for two or three years as the universally adored Gallifreyan time-traveller.


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