13 Words Used Instead Of “Zombie” on ‘The Walking Dead’


The most popular floater zombie is the one that is discovered stuck in a well on the Greene Family Farm. Since it’s been in the water so long, it’s unusually swollen and rips apart when the survivors attempt to haul it out. Dale calls this well walker a “swimmer.”

While floater is the acknowledged term for a water-logged zombie, nobody on the show says it. However, floater may be utilized as a part of the comics, computer games, or other Walking Dead formats.


This term that was utilized in the beginning of the show. In season two, Darryl says, “Take a look at him. Hanging up there like a major piñata.Other geeks came and ate all the flesh off his legs.”


This term was used in “Nebraska” by Dave and Tony, two minor yet threatening characters. “Walkers?” Dave says to Rick. “That’s what you call them? I like that better than lamebrains.”


In “Walk With Me,” the Governor depicts lurkers as “easy-going” zombies, who have had their arms and jaws removed. Not able to grab or chomp, they basically lurk. Nonetheless, in the more extensive Walking Dead universe, a lurker is a zombie that “plays dead,” until a warm body stops by.

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