13 Words Used Instead Of “Zombie” on ‘The Walking Dead’


“When they turn,” Andrea says, “they become monsters … Whoever they once were is gone.” While she utilizes “monster” to allude to zombies, Andrea could in all likelihood be discussing the perverted Governor, the barbarian Terminus inhabitants, the horrendous Marauders, or any people that have been “turned” by despondency, fear, or basically the will to survive.


This is the term of choice for Aaron and other individuals from the Alexandria settlement. When asked about how long he had been followingRick’s group, Aaron answers,”long enough to see that you practically ignore a pack of roamers on your trail.” In the comics and novels, packs of zombies are alluded to as herds and hordes.


This word is used by minor characters Ana and Sam, who meet their death very quickly. Zombies eat more than skin, however that is where they begin.

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