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13 Words Used Instead Of “Zombie” on ‘The Walking Dead’

13 Words Used Instead Of “Zombie” on ‘The Walking Dead’

Pretty much like carbonated beverage is alluded to as soda in a few regions of the U.S. and pop in others, the scattered and segregated survivors of The Walking Dead zombie apocalypse have different names for wandering corpses. Here are 13 words used for saying “walker” on the show.


This was said by Terminus local Martin in the episode “No Sanctuary.” Cold bodies might be opposed to living, breathing people, or non-zombie people, who Terminusians like to serve up as barbeque.


Utilized by natives of Woodbury, GA, an appearing perfect world headed by a man just known as the Governor, biter may be a more exact nickname rather than walker. This is because zombies will keep on wanting to nibble even if they don’t have legs. A biter is additionally a liar, says the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), like the Governor himself whose lovely exterior conceals a sociopath.


Merle tells the Governor, “Got us a creeper,” in “Walk with Me.” As it is, in the Walking Dead universe, zombies are slow and of the creeping variety.


This was a nickname given by Abraham Ford. Rosita says she and her gang were “fighting off some dead ones” when Abraham appeared out of the blue in a tank. Later on, Eugene “Mullet” Porter says, “I sure as hellfire can’t bring a dead one down with sharp bullets and hella confidence.”

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