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14 Most Loathsome Moments Of Star Trek Into Darkness

14 Most Loathsome Moments Of Star Trek Into Darkness

The second offering from JJ Abrams and team (writers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof) of the Star Trek reboot, was the most talked about and a super duper blockbuster movie of its time. However, the purist ‘Trekkers’ did not quite resonate with many aspects of the movie. The core values that the original franchise stood for were found lacking in this particular movie by the Puritans. So much so, that at a Star Trek convention, they rated this movie as the worst movie ever, even below Galaxy Quest. And even though the box office collections give a different picture, this face of the movie cannot be ignored. Here are 14 such moments from the movie that a Trekker will find purely loathsome. Take a look:

14) Alice Eve’s Bikini

There was absolutely no need to show Alice Eve half naked in the movie. It was not that the script demanded her to be dressed up like this, but the creators’ efforts to sex up the movie fell flat on their faces, as the fans despised it. Later, co-writer Damon Lindelof apologized for ‘this’ moment in the movie.


13) Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan

The mighty Star Trek villain, Khan Noonien Singh was played by Benedict Cumberbatch, and this itself was too difficult to digest because Cumberbatch just did not look the character. With an Indian name and a backstory set in Asia and Middle East, the features of Cumberbatch were totally ‘alien’. In defense, you may say that Ricardo Montalban was also not of Asian origin, but two wrongs do not make one right!

12) The Prime Directive

The Prime Directive says that Starfleet should not interfere with the development of any alien civilizations,specifically the ones which are primitive and do not have their own starships. At one point should this interference happen, even if it is a case of a natural disaster?The movie opens up with the Enterprise crew trying to stop a volcano eruption on a primitive planet, with Spock in the volcano. Although Spock keeps emphasizing that the ship should not show itself and violate the directive, but what was he doing inside the volcano? Isn’t that a violation of the Directive too? And the fact that the ship gets into the ocean of the planet without getting detected is a question that was never answered in the movie.

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