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15 Classic Cartoons That Merit A Netflix Treatment

15 Classic Cartoons That Merit A Netflix Treatment

Having latest series like “Voltron: Legendary Defender” being loved by fans, it’s clear that the world is prepared to completely grasp afresh the classic cartoons. The style of narrative and animation showcased the most proficient method to refashion a vintage property for current fans. Netflix got it bang on and with Voltron, it’s now ready for more revivals. Here’s a rundown of 15 blasts from the past that CBR believes merit the Netflix treatment.


Fans hope that Netflix chooses to follow up on “Captain Planet.” That’s because it’s a hot property that is asking for an up gradation. The series is based on five teens from different walks of life. It imbues them with the forces of Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Heart to bring forth the Earth’s most prominent defender. The series did astoundingly well and turned out to be famous.
It was a major anti-pollution PSA with the youngsters utilizing powered rings to summon their hero under the careful gaze of Gaia (an image of Mother Earth). It was fun watching Cap tidy up the planet, truly and also ethically. The ecological messages might not have been the greatest pull here, but it was worth watching the engaging action. In fact, it also saw the franchise pull Sony in with enthusiasm at a certain point.



This series kept running from 1995 to 1997 and turned out to be one of the darkest yet best cartoon franchises ever. It was directed by “Young Justice’s” Greg Weisman. Furthermore, it stuffed a great deal of subjects, grown-up dramatization and Shakespearean style into 78 episodes. It told the story a cursed gang of monsters from medieval era who re-emerged from the shadows to shield Manhattan from the looming threat of Xanatos (depicted by “Star Trek’s” Jonathan Frakes), and also a few different baddies, including robotic dopplegangers, and genetically improved hunters for game, otherwise known as The Pack. The series prided itself on complex yet top notch narration with its supernatural quality and profundity running significantly more deeper than the normal Disney shows. It touched different foundations of writing and old stories from Europe to Asia, making it a really enhancing watch. It’s an ideal opportunity to break the spell once more, Netflix!

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