15 Classic Cartoons That Merit A Netflix Treatment


This was an action stuffed gem from the ’90’s. It was centred on two fighter pilots, T-Bone and Razor. They were unfairly released from military duty and compelled to work in a rescue yard to compensate the state for collateral damages. They took on the appearance of mechanics by day, and crime fighters by night. The duo covertly started bringing together a string of assault vehicles and weapons to proceed with their aim for justice in Megakat City.
It lasted for only two seasons. However, in the event that you recall the epic guitars in the introduction and saw the Turbokat flying through the sky, propelling missiles at all baddies, you’ll know why this makes our rundown. The bad guys included the slithery Dr. Snake and the undead alchemist, Pastmaster, blending science and magic to give a significant evil impact. Tremblays, the creators of the series, effectively kick-started a revival. Nevertheless, in resulting pitches to Warner Bros. things never pulled through. Still, we’re hoping things work out.



The “Galaxy Rangers” had only 65 episodes. There was something about this series that felt comparatively radical. Its run in 1986 brought twisty plots, insane science fiction components, first rate character development, and a narration that could appeal across the range from “Star Trek” to “X-Men” fans together. It showcased aliens sharing hypderdrive innovation to Earth in return for an army that policed space, particularly the individuals who were victims of the attacking Crown Empire. The year 1986 wasn’t a period you’d anticipate that kid’s shows would bother about intergalactic oppression. However, with the Rangers, good writing guaranteed the heroes Zachary Foxx, Shane Gooseman, Niko and Doc Hartford didn’t come across as graceless or dismal.

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