16 Movies DC Has Planned For Their Cinematic Universe

3. Aquaman (October 5, 2018)

He’s been at the receiving end of jokes for a considerable length of time. However, James Wan’s Aquaman film finally looks to bring some respect to the man who converses with fish. Furthermore, casting the beefy Game of Thrones alum Jason Momoa in the title part didn’t harm it either. The film will purportedly highlight the exemplary comic character Black Manta as the main baddie. It will also acquaint audiences everywhere with the more extensive universe of Atlantis and the Atlantean culture. It’s a perilous project, however having Wan (Furious 7) in charge implies that the action ought to be great.


4. The Flash (2019)

The only thing we are aware about DC’s Flash is that it’ll star Ezra Miller as the Barry Allen of the huge scree. Besides that, everything is unclear. Rick Famuyiwa, the director ofDope, was initially roped in. However, he exited the venture in late 2016 because of creative differences. It’s been months, and the studio is as still hoping to fill the directorial void. Looking at all the creative issues DC has had in the background, the break-up from Famuyiwa isn’t a good sign. At the same time, Warner Bros. seems to set aside its opportunity to attempt and get this one right, which is a clever move. As proven by CW’s hit Flash series, there’s a crowd of people out there. The actual task is to get those people in theatres.

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