21 Surprising Backstories of the Stars of ‘The Walking Dead’! continued…

5) Danai Gurira

On the show: She is a katana-wielding warrior Michonne. She is an amazing person with a heart of gold.
Before the show: She is Ms. Smartypants versatile reporter on Treme.

6) Chandler Riggs

On the show: He is a super annoying kid who grows up at a great speed and becomes much cooler than his dad.
Before the show: he was a tinier boy with a gun in Jesus H. Zombie.

7) Melissa McBride

On the show: She is Carol, one of the most badass characters in the apocalypse. You will not like to get in her bad books.
Before the show: She played a diffetrent role. She was a doctor on Walker, Texas Ranger.

8) David Morrissey

On the show: He is the one and the only, Governor.
Before the show: He played the role of a doctor on Doctor Who.

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