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21 Surprising Backstories of the Stars of ‘The Walking Dead’

21 Surprising Backstories of the Stars of ‘The Walking Dead’

The stars of Walking Dead were not always wandering around Georgia, killing people on their way. They were not stabbing people in the brain before joining the show. Before our favorite fearless fighters arrived on the sets of Walking Dead, they were earning a name for themselves in the big scary world of Hollywood. Here is a list to walk you through the early roles of our Walking Dead stars. Click on Next to have a peek into their lives:

1) Andrew Lincoln

On the show: He is our fearless leader and occasional farmer known by the name Rick Grimes.
Before the show: He was the loverboy Mark, who is hopelessly in love with Juliet. She was his best friend, who later became his darling fiancée.

2) Norman Reedus

On the show: He plays the role of Darly Dixon, everybody’s favorite redneck and badass.
Before the show: He was an attendant who joined his fraternal brother to remove evil from Boston.

3) Lauren Cohan

On the show: She is the face behind the character Maggie, the badass chick in love with Glenn.
Before the show: She was a con artist and a master thief (trained in occult items) on Supernatural.

4) Steven Yeun

On the show: He played the role of the last good pizza delivery boy with an exceptionally trusty moral compass, Glenn Rhee.
Before the show: He was Sheldon Cooper’s ex-roommate on The Big Bang Theory.

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  1. Neil Rosenbaum

    July 28, 2015 at 3:44 pm

    Given that he was Sheldon’s roommate, I would assume Glen wouldn’t consider the Zombie Apocalypse (ZA) much of a big deal. The ZA may even be a RELIEF!!

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