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29 Secrets Of The Walking Dead Season 5 Blue Ray Revealed

29 Secrets Of The Walking Dead Season 5 Blue Ray Revealed

The Walking Dead: The complete fifth Season DVD and blue ray sets prove that if you thought that the repeated viewing on the show on your DVR had made you aware of everything about the show, then you were wrong. The full set may still be elusive, but a preview of a few deleted scenes helped us find out 29 juicy secrets about the show offered by its fifth season. To know about these 29 secrets from the fifth season of the show, scroll down:

Secret 1

To get the look of Carol’s big bang, four explosions were used in No Sanctuary. The remaining shots were picked up based on where the wind blew the smoke.


Secret 2

Finger paint and cork were put in the water to make the sludge, which Andrew Lincoln calls the poop, in Strangers.

Secret 3

Foam rubber is used to make the water-logged walkers. The eyes are glued on shells formed by vacuum and have pin holes in them for vision. Amongst the total 12 walkers, one of them was a puppet. The one who grabs Bob and Sasha was the one that was controlled by the power.

Secret 4

The Gabriel’s Church was built from the scratch for the show.

Secret 5

In a deleted scene, Rick is seen telling Gabriel that he would have tortured him had he not offered information about the starving of his parishioners. However, later he says that he understood that Gabriel had done all that to save himself from dying and asks him not to stop.

Secret 6

What you see during the scene where Grimes gang kills the Terminus gang is movie magic. The Grimes Gang bludgeons wooden blocks that were filled with blood.


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