As we’re talking about time travel adventures and women, we are pretty much aware of the fact that Hollywood is plainly against it. Unless you’re Jennifer Garner, Girl Terminator or a Time Lord’s Companion, as far as we know, up until now, the past and the future are boys’ hood, where women are simply outlawed.
Even if they get invited at all, they’re not allowed to time travel at all, because it seems that females are just not capable of handling the weight of any period but the present. Frankly speaking, I’m talking about Rachel McAdams, who has starred in 3 time travelling movies and hasn’t traveled anywhere in all of them.
Anyways, just for the sake of this article, let’s assume that in the future when time traveling would be safer and more consistent, and there wouldn’t be anything to worry about like the climatic conditions and all, what would our special time travelling ladies do when they face some prominent problems when they are violating the natural order of time itself.

4. You won’t be able to take your tampons

Even after all this time, there hasn’t been any modern miracle to end the monthly cycle of the period from a women’s body altogether. The best they have done so far are cotton tampons and panty diapers that are claimed to be reusable and even environment-friendly.
You know there are teenage women who want to time travel the past but no they can’t as they won’t be able to bring the modern day blood-handling technology with them as it doesn’t exist so far. So basically, there’ll be only one thing that they can do, and it’s that as soon as she gets there, she has to find a way not to embarrass herself in front of the old age people. So she’ll probably have to study the period technology of that particular period.

3. I hope you like Celibacy

As we all agree on the fact that all men and women should keep their sexuality where it needs to be (in their pants) while they are time travelling and not get too excited about their adventure that they lose up and get onto it. Chances are when you’re travelling to the world without condoms, birth control or any protection you wouldn’t let yourself lose control. Reason being, you don’t want yourself to get pregnant and take home an out-of-time baby with you. Doesn’t it sound crazy enough to avoid it?
To be precise, what I’m trying to say is that you just don’t want to time travel when you’re pregnant as it depicts the same problem as it is the other way around when you travel back home with an unusual belly.

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