5 All Time Best Episodes Of Star Trek: Voyager! continued…

4- Scorpion (Part 1 And 2)

These two parts show the best ever collision between the Voyager, when it gets thrown into the Delta Quadrant and the Borg’s, who reside somewhere in this Delta Quadrant. The Borg space gets attacked by a Species 8472, who use their technology and biology to defeat and assimilate the Borg space. The Voyagers have been able to develop a neutralizer which can play an important role in defeating the Species 8472. Thus, the Voyager has something which the Borgs need desperately and Janeway takes the bold decision of negotiating with the Borgs and asking them to allow Voyager safe passage through Borg space. However, this negotiation lies on two important hinges: first, going against the Primitive Directive and allowing the death of the Species 8472 and second, trusting that the Borgs will live up to their promise. The Voyager does get double-crossed and ends up trapped in the outskirts of some Borg under-siege territory. The episode showed that even the crew of Voyager can get desperate and morally weak when left alone to face such hostility.



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