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5 All Time Best Episodes Of Star Trek: Voyager

5 All Time Best Episodes Of Star Trek: Voyager

Irrespective of the fact that whether you are a fan of Star Trek: Voyager or not, there is one thing which everyone will just have to agree on, and that is there are some really cool episodes in the series, which are nothing short of greatness. For many critics this show has always been about building a cult of fans and nothing more, but even they would have to agree that the following 5 episodes of the show are simply self-redeeming. Hence, if you too want to know about these amazing yet often over-looked episodes of the series, then you just need to simply continue to scroll down.

5- Equinox (Part 1 And 2)

This series has often been surrounded with criticism for the fact that its characters, in spite of their castaway status, hardy ever displayed an ethical side to their character. They were hardly ever made to endure personal conflicts. However, these two episodes showed that had the characters given in to their dark impulses, the Voyager would have been completely unlikable. Here we see USS Equinox, another Federation starship getting damaged and stranded in the same space where Voyager is also stranded. The only difference between these two starships is that Equinox is far more damaged and in worse condition than the Voyager. It is also smaller in size and is occupied by a desperate crew with no one like Captain Janeway, to help it with extreme devotion. The captain of Equinox, Captain Ransom, is more than willing to kill aliens and destroy Voyager in order to help his crew get back home. The episodes may have ended in a very convenient manner, but these episodes did display that how easy it was to give in your morals when the going gets really tough. Even Janeway has her weak moments, but in the end Voyager was and is a story of a crew, which held on to its ideals under all circumstances.



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