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5 Amazing Star Trek Weapons That Military of America Wished It Had

5 Amazing Star Trek Weapons That Military of America Wished It Had

The future vision of Star Trek shows that humanity has eradicated poverty, hunger and racism. In fact all the evils prevailing among us have been swept away, except war.
Warfare and advanced weapons have been an integral part of Star Trek since 1966. Much of the technology shown in the show is fantasy. Machines creating phasers that could travel faster than light are impossible to invent as of now. Star Trek and Star Wars have provided a unique picture of space warfare. But those weapons and advanced machinery of the show could make the Pentagon’s day. Here is a list of some of those weapons that are craved by the American army, click on next button to enjoy reading about these devices:

1) Cloaking Device

Stealth is one of the overriding features of the most advanced warplanes of America. When Captain Kirk and the Enterprise faced the Romulan cloaking device in 1966, invisibility became the ultimate stealth. A warship that can be invisible is a great asset. It can even be used as a transport or reconnaissance vessel. It can easily get close to a target and can also evade the weapons of the enemy. It also acts as a force multiplier since the adversaries must work on assumption of where the cloaked ship might be located.



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