5 Characters ‘The Walking Dead’ Can Let Negan Kill.

3. Carol – The Karmic Choice

Carol’s whereabouts are obscure right now, as she’s gone off wandering in the wild subsequent to being overcome with the guilt of killing almost two dozen individuals in the previous couple of weeks/months/years. That implies that it’s totally conceivable that she winds up being caught by the Saviors, and is lined-up for conceivable execution.

The show has really concentrated hard Carol this season, committing an outrageously long arc to her. She came to terms with the fact that killing is far more emotionally draining than it seems to be. She came to the peak of her character when she masked herself as a Wolf amid the Alexandria ambush to kill individuals. However, after that, she executed a Wolf that was really headed towards redemption and she hasn’t been the same thereafter. She’s currently evading Rick’s group since she is simply tired of killing individuals.

The story arc is entirely clear here and it would be a kind of “justice” for Carol. Given this storyline, she would finally pay for her transgressions at the end of Negan’s bat. It would go well, given that her character arc has most likely been the greatest this whole season, and like Daryl, her character basically does not exist in the comics. Therefore, she can die rather freely.  However, there are a couple of things conflicting with this thought. The first is that Robert Kirkman has clearly said that Carol is the one show character he wouldn’t have any desire to murder, given the amount of work they’ve done with her transformation and development of character. Second, I really doubt that they would have Negan pounding the life out of a lady with a bat on screen, especially one that used to be a victim of domestic violence.


4. Abraham – The Compromise Pick

Abraham recently avoided his comic death and I believed it implied that he was being prepared to be slaughtered in the finale, as I couldn’t think about any reason to keep him alive. He’s a sufficiently noteworthy character and it would be a fairly a major ordeal. However, he’s not so big that fans would wail their eyes out until the next season. Therefore, he’s a compromise pick.

Very unlike Daryl and Glenn, Abraham is not captured. He’s back in Alexandria. But then, through the span of an hour and a half, I would not say that he could be caught.

In any case, I heard something fascinating and that is; the series creator Robert Kirkman has expressed his sorrow that he executed Abraham, the gang’s lone real warrior, before the All Out War storyline with Negan’s group truly started. What’s more, when Kirkman expresses grief for  something like removing Rick’s hand, it usually doesn’t happen in the show.

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