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5 Current Doctors From Worst To The Best:New ‘Doctor Who’

5 Current Doctors From Worst To The Best:New ‘Doctor Who’

Since the new “Doctor Who” appeared, the series has turned out to be more famous around the world than any time in recent memory. Furthermore, with five unique on-screen characters taking up the role of the Doctor, fans have seen an extensive variety of portrayals of the Doctor. Which one’s the best? What about the worst? We have it right here for you….

5. John Hurt’s War Doctor

It’s really simple to label him as the worst War Doctor. After all, he just showed up on one episode which was the 50th-anniversary special titled “The Day of the Doctor.” Hurt’s portrayal of the Time Lord was aged and hardened by the Time War. It was altogether different from every version of the Doctor and was out of place when compared with the other fun loving Time Lords.


4. Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor

The twelfth Doctor’s full story has yet to be written. However, after a rough first season with Capaldi in the driver’s seat of the TARDIS, there’s an opportunity to improve. Before the end of Season 8, Capaldi became comfortable with his Doctor. However, it’s difficult to forget exactly how mean he was in the first place or how abnormal and pointless a portion of the episodes felt. Take a look at “Robots of Sherwood” or “In the Forest of the Night” once more. As the season went on, and this present Doctor’s story turned out to be all the more clear, everything about the show improved in quality. Still, Capaldi’s version of the Time Lord has some work to do if he needs to climb up the list.


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