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5 Emotional Moments Proving That Criminal Mind’s Morgan And Garcia And Supposed To Be Together

5 Emotional Moments Proving That Criminal Mind’s Morgan And Garcia And Supposed To Be Together

There are many couples present on television who share a very strong on screen chemistry, so much so that their characters start having a life beyond the screen. One such couple is that of Derek and Penelope from Criminal Minds.

While Penelope is the quirky character of the show, who also happens to be an ex-criminal hacker and who also has a great fashion sense. She may be awkward in social situations, but is a total geek in the world of computers. Derek, on the other hand, is the ultimate swoon worthy investigator with a dark past. The very first time they met, Derek called Penelope “Baby girl” and we knew they were meant to be together. Their relationship started off as friends and has grown over time. Every time these two have come close, it has left viewers sitting on the edge of their seats wanting them to take things forward, but the two backed off every time leaving us exasperated.

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1) Season 3, Episode 19: They Meet In The Most Unconventional Manner

We see them meet for the first time in this flashback episode where Penelope is shown to be holding a lot of paperwork and Derek comes from behind, and since he does not know her name, he calls her Baby Girl. Penelope freezes not knowing how to react to this, since she is trying to restart her life with BAU and is nervous and defensive. She feels insulted by this address, since from where she has come, women get derided everyday and a geek like her, is detested by some men feeling that women should not enter their territory. So she decided to respond strongly and turns and this is the start of their relationship.

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