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5 Lessons To Be Learnt By Fear The Walking Dead From The Walking Dead

5 Lessons To Be Learnt By Fear The Walking Dead From The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has been one of the biggest successes of AMC. Its popularity has been so high that, there is a spinoff of the show named, Fear The Walking Dead, which will soon be making an appearance on television. This spinoff is set in Los Angeles and will focus on a family that includes a mom, stepdad, son, and daughter. When you know that zombies are coming, you also know that things are going to turn bad, but this family is unaware of this since they have never heard about zombies.


Fear The Walking Dead is not related to the Walking Dead in any manner. So even if you have not seen or follow The Walking Dead, you will still be able to catch up with Fear The Walking Dead. In spite of FTWD being a show on its own, there are many similarities in both the shows. And it is not possible that if you are interested in one, you will not like the concept of the other.
With five seasons of The Walking Dead complete, FTWD has a lot of research material prepared for it, and there are many things that FTWD can learn from The Walking Dead. To know the top five lessons that FTWD can learn from TWD, scroll down:

1.Emotions Exist Even In The Undead Walkers

All the characters of TWD have become hard and unemotional due to the many hardships they had to face. To be able to survive, these characters have to ensure that they do not show any signs of weakness. FTWD is fresh and has no such baggage on them as yet and therefore, it will be good to see emotions run high. Emotions of confusion and fear should pour on the show like one is sitting on the sets of Oprah. Along with these dark emotions, the show can also give us an insight into the joys and creativity that people experience even at the dawn of the apocalypse. This could be the biggest difference between the two shows as well.



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