5 Most Controversial Moments Of Sons Of Anarchy

5 Most Controversial Moments Of Sons Of Anarchy

The show Sons of Anarchy has been full of drama and bloodshed. But, the show has also had some highly controversial moments in it as well. With the final season of the show showing Jax’s entire world crashing down around him, decided to look back on the show and pick the 5 most controversial moments of the show. If you are interested in knowing which were these moments, then click on the below arrow and continue reading.

1) Gemma Kills Tara
Season 6: Episode 13

A misunderstanding led Gemma to think that her daughter-in-law had ratted to the police and in order to seek revenge for this, Gemma decided to kill Tara with a two-pronged fork. When Jax finds out about his wife’s death, he is devastated.



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